Labels for Health Care

Australian specialist manufacturer of self-adhesive healthcare labels designed and produced specifically for the Health Care sector, specialising in supplies to; Imaging Haematology, Pathology and Biochemistry departments nationwide.
Label Makers Pty Ltd - Healthcare Division- About

Label Makers healthcare labels history spans back over 30 years. Originally set up to supply the apparel market with fabric labels, the business quickly progressed in to pressure sensitive self adhesive labels. Label Makers established itself quickly as a reputable supplier to the automotive, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, supplying many millions of labels to some of Australia's biggest brands in these sectors.

Over time Label Makers has continued to invest in state of the art technologies, and develop effective and sustainable label manufacturing practices to ensure the highest levels of quality and customer service are delivered at all times. 

Our investment in GMP has enabled us to gain HACCP certification for our label manufacturing facility. We are fully committed to ensuring our healthcare labels are produced in a controlled environment, to eliminate the potential for contamination of any kind.

Manufacturing is all done from our state of the art facility in Western Australia, however we supply Health Care labels in to the following locations daily;

  • Adelaide (SA)

  • Brisbane (QLD)

  • Canberra (ACT)

  • Darwin (NT)

  • Melbourne (VIC)

  • Perth (WA)

  • Tasmania (TAS)

  • New Zealand (NZ)

Custom Printed Labels
We are custom label manufacturers - almost every healthcare label we produce is unique to our customer and their requirements. We operate highly configurable conventional and digital printing machinery, meaning we can tailor your labels exactly to your needs.
We produce too many variations of health care labels to list them all but below is a small list of the most commonly used types;
•    Bar code pathology labels (Sequentially numbered)
•    Biochemistry Labels
•    Chemist Labels
•    Cosmetic Labels
•    Dispensary Labels
•    Imaging Centre Labels
•    Laboratory Labels
•    Laser Printable A4 Sheets of Labels
•    Microbiology labels
•    Patient Information Labels
•    Pharmacy Labels
•    Pill Bottle Labels
•    Sample labels 
•    Slide Labels
•    Test Tube Labels
•    Vial Labels
•    X-Ray Labels
  • LinkedIn Medical Labels
  • Facebook Pathology Labels
  • Google+ Pharmacy Labels
  • Twitter Bar Code Labels
  • Blogger Health Care Labels
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